About singer

Anna Darling is a beautiful, striking and rare combination of natural talent and beauty. Anna, as a graceful, charming, passionate and mysterious woman, is not afraid to express her emotions on stage, on the contrary, this is her hallmark. Each song she sings is a little story told to a grateful audience.

Anna takes part in various projects with great pleasure – she can be heard at concerts, fashion shows, restaurant openings, weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties. She has competed in many competitions throughout her career, including Valentine’s Day (2011), Kaks Takti Ette (2005), the Amber TV Music Festival (2011) and the popular “Новая Волна” competition (2012).

Anna Darling has been singing since childhood, singing was her hobby until it turned into true love.

Anna performs with her own musical group, which consists of talented Estonian musicians. The main line-up of the group includes: Anna Lanberg (Darling) vocals, Ainar Toit (guitar), Kairiin Kukk (keyboards and backing vocals), Kalle Tetsmann (bass guitar and backing vocals), Kaarel Raidam (drums and backing vocals), Valeri Kazakov (sound engineer).

The Anna Darling Band’s repertoire includes songs in 13 languages.

Anna Darling sings in a variety of styles: pop, jazz, funk, disco and rock and roll.

For each event, Anna carefully selects hits from the group’s extensive repertoire.

Anna graduated from stylist courses and makeup training, therefore, unlike many other performers, her stage image is usually the fruit of her own imagination and mood.

Anyone who has ever seen Anna Darling on stage knows for sure – it is almost impossible to resist her elegance and talent. She is not just a talented singer, but also a woman with a kind heart who is trying to shed light and emotions into this world through her work.